Fiber Cleaver CLV-200A

Fiber Cleaver CLV-200A
Item: Fiber Cleaver CLV-200A Product Name: Fiber Cleaver CLV-200A

The Optical fiber cleaver is an economic multi-action clever, high precision preparation for single fibers, standard length 16mm. Compact, slim and simple is available for application.


 Suitalbe for Bare fiber diameter 125µm

-   Outercoat diameter: 0.25mm~0.9mm

-   Fiber type: Single tube fiber and Ribbon fiber

-   Cleaved length: 5~30mm

-   Cleaved angle: 0.5°

-   Blade life:  12,000cleaves

-   Mode Semiautomatic Dimensions: 58mm(W)×55(D)mm×48mm(H)

-   Weight: 400g


 ♦ Applicable fiber:  SM, MM, DS, NZ-DS, EDF

 ♦ Fiber Diameter: 100~150um

 ♦ Coating Diameter: 100~1000um

 ♦ Cleave Angle: 90°± 0.5°

 ♦ Cleave Length: single fiber standard 8~22mm

 ♦ Blade Lifetime: 40000 cleaves


- Fiber optical splice

- Work with splice machine

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