MINI power meter

MINI power meter
Item: MINI power meter Product Name: MINI power meter

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HK-390 series of high stability of the laser light source is a self-developed instrument,Which features advanced control technology,high output,ultra low-power operation. It can work at 1625nm, 1550nm, 1490nm, 1310nm, 1300nm, 850nm,650nm, single wavelength ,dual-wavelength or tri-wavelength.It can export a variety of modulation frequency (CW, 270HZ, 1KHZ, 2KHZ). It is widely used in optical communication, optical measurement, optical fiber sensing, and so on.


High sensitivity, large dynamic range

• 0.01dB resolution,Quick starting, without warm-up and reducing testing time

• Storage the reference value of the different wavelength, no data lost when power off

• Battery supply,convenience for outside work

• FC SC ST/ Universal 2.5mm adaptor (LC,MU can be optional )

• Low-voltage display function( AAA × 3)

• Optional auto-shutdown feature

• Automatic calibration function

• The relative ratio test

Ording informaiton:

Part No                       Description 
HK-380A  Mini Optical Power Meter  (Measurement Range:-70 to +10 dBm)
HK-380C  Mini Optical Power Meter  (Measurement Range:-50 to +26 dBm)
HK-390A   Singlemode 1310/1550 nm Mini Optical Light Source
HK-390C   Multimode 850/1300 nm Mini Optical Light Source
Technical parameters:

Optic Power Meter
Type HK-380A HK-380B
Wavelength (nm) 800~1650
Detector InGaAs
Optical Connector FC SC ST/ Universal 2.5mm adaptor (LC,MU can be optional )
Measurement Range (dBm) -70~+10 -50~+26
Uncertainty ±5%
Standard Wavelength (nm) 850/ 1300/ 1310/ 1490/ 1550/ 1625
Resolution (dB) 0.01
Power Supply 3pcs AAA 1.5V batteries
working time (h) 120
Operating Temperature (℃) -10~+50
Storage Temperature (℃) -20~+70
Automatic shutdown (min) 10
Dimension (mm) 125 (L)*65 (W)*29 (H)
Weight (g) 160(include batteries)
Optic Light Source HK-390
Wavelength(nm) 650,850,1300,1310,1490,1550,1625(1-3 wave)
Optical Connector FC(SC/ST can be optional)
Output Power (dBm) ≥ 3m w @ 650nm; ≥ -7dBm @ 850/1300nm
Output Stability (dB) ±0.04@20°C@15min
Modulation Frequencies CW,2Hz@650nm;CW,270Hz,1KHz,2KHz@others
Fiber Type SM,MM
Power Supply AAA 1.5V(3pcs batteries)
working time (h) 40
Operating Temperature (°C) -10~+50
Storage Temperature (°C) -20~+70
Dimension (mm) 125(L)*65(W)*29(H)
Weight (g) 160

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