MPO Back Reflection Meter(HK-800Y)

MPO Back Reflection Meter(HK-800Y)
Item: MPO Back Reflection Meter(HK-800Y) Product Name: MPO Back Reflection Meter(HK-800Y)


MPO multichannel insertion and return loss tester testing capabilities, 
Can test 4, 8, 12, 24 channels with MPO 
Splicer jump


MPO multichannel insertion and return loss tester testing capabilities,

Can test 4, 8, 12, 24 channels with MPO

Splicer jump line of return loss, also can test the single light

Fiber jumpers, PLC and the loss of performance measurement

Try and so on. The instrument adopts advanced operating system itself

Take a key test, data display, EXCEL data

Set a variety of functions such as storage, threshold method, need not even

Connect the PC, as multiple tests can be performed, convenient and simple,

satisfy different customers.



l        Self-operate system can do automatic testing, data computing, storage, and other functions

l        Bring their own operating system equipped with 7 inch hd LCD screen,  do not need another computer, test results directly show on the machine, according to intuitive operation, convenient, also can choose to connect the computer test at the same time. (the MPO tester on the market at present, including JDSU foreign brands and domestic brands, such as need to be equipped with computers, monitors to test data, computing and storage)

l        12 channels can automatic test one-time, also can choose single channel test respectively, running speed fast, every channel test reaction time about 1 seconds

l        Dual switch protection, guarantee the user's safety and prolong the service life of equipment

l        Instrument is reliable and stable, can continuous working 24 hours a day

l        Test operation is simply, conveniently and practicably

l        Kinds of work patterns, can satisfy the test of various kinds of functions of customer

l        Built-in data storage function, can save up to one million data

l        Reasonable design, antistatic etc. kinds of interference

l        Light source and optical power meter interface using smart design, easy to clean

l        Color renition function, easy to know the test result, reduce visual fatiguecog

l        The clock display, can master his own work regularly

l        The USB communication interface, pedal switch interface and open communication protocol



Technical indicators





MPO multi-channel return loss tester

The instrument output wavelength light source


Optical return loss test

Working wavelength


Test range


The wavelength of calibration


Accuracy of the test


Output channel

12 channel

The output stability

0.02dB /hr (@250C)

The interface type


Optical insertion loss test

The wavelength of calibration


Test range


Accuracy of the test


Test resolution

logarithm: 0.01dB; linear: 0.001nW/μW/mW

The uncertainty


Test mode

The linear and nonlinear

The probe type


Interface type


Total indicator

Storage quantity

As many as 1000000

Optical switch parameters


Display usage

Color LCD display

Display resolution


Communication interface


The power supply

AC 90-260V

Work environment

Temperature:-50C~+550C; Humidity <95%, No condensation

Storage environment

Temperature:-200C~+700C; Humidity <85%, No condensation

Appearance of size




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