Automatic Scraping glue machine(HK-G11)

Automatic Scraping glue machine(HK-G11)
Item: Automatic Scraping glue machine(HK-G11) Product Name: Automatic Scraping glue machine(HK-G11)
The Automatic Scraping glue machine
The automatic Scraping glue machine can take out the glue for all kinds of connector. To ensure that the optical fiber connector completely clean, no dirty things.
Can suit for any connector:SC,LC,ST,FC,MU,E2000 ect.
Voltage:120V/220V 60Hz
Manufatcure by Homk  

Main Parameters:                    

1. Power Supply: Direct Connection: Voltage AC/220V,Power Converter DC9V/1A             

2.Motor:  Japan imported specific customized speed adjusting micro motor, revolving speed 120 times per minute.

3. Actual current of power switch is about 320MA. Press the switch down means connect the power; projecting from the switch means disconnect the power.

4. This machine’s PC/LC scraping glue head can be customized according to customer’s requirement, that is equipped with one set of PC/LC scraping glue head.

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