FTTH Automatic Cable Cutting Machine(HK-28K)

FTTH Automatic Cable Cutting Machine(HK-28K)
Item: FTTH Automatic Cable Cutting Machine(HK-28K) Product Name: FTTH Automatic Cable Cutting Machine(HK-28K)
Descriptions: FTTH Auto Cable Cutting Machine(HK-28K)

For cutting of patch cord (or similar products), unwind the cable from the wheel, cut it into sections by specified length and quantity,and wrap into circle loop.

 High Automation: Auto running for full process from raw cable to final sections
 High Length length twist Performance:
and wrap into circle loop
Accuracy: Meter Wheel to count length, no length deviation from cable twist, slip during feeding
 High Efficiency: 4m/sec Max
 Easy Operation: Single button to start/stop/pause running. Two separated instruments for length and quantity setup
 Stable Performance: Robust mechanical structure and intellectual controller for super reliable movement
 Intellectual Control: Intellectual software to control and monitor operation
 Effective Cut: Patented design for super reliable and complete trim of super fine fiber

Specification :
    Voltage: 220 VAC 50/60Hz
 Power: 2.2KW
 Feed Speed: 4m/s Max
 Length Accuracy: 0.3%
 Length resolution: 2mm
 Max Length: 999 m
 Max Quantity: 9999
 Cable Specification: Rubber-insulated Fiber Cable
 L x W x H = 160 x 95 x 150 cm
 Net Weight: 300Kg

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