Threader for fiber cable

Threader for fiber cable
Item: Threader for fiber cable Product Name: Threader for fiber cable
Descriptions: Constructed of fiberglass reinforced in the center and consists of a rugged plastic layer that would ensure the lifetime of the flexible rod.
Assembly: metal frame and rubber wheels, Wheel assembly for easy transportation; Guide rollers and the right parts for rotary coupling; parking brake for the flexible rod.
There is copper wire inside for tracing easily.
Polyethylene cover: Medium density polyethylene resin for the insulating and jacketing of cables.
Used to install pulling ropes and winch ropes into ducts,ready for cable pulling operations.
Fiberglass rod is lightweight and flexible.
Dia of duct rod:4.5mm;6mm;8mm;9mm;10mm;11mm;12mm;13mm;14mm;15mm;16mm 4.Length of pulling rod:100m/ 150m/ 200m;
Strong non-conductive fiberglass rod construction
Stainless steel drawing head
For longer conduit runs and underground duct
Rugged tubular steel reel with adjustable position.
Feed device allows rod to feed out or be wound back onto reel with easy pushi or pull of rod.
Duct rods/duct rodders have Many applications, not only pulling the cable but also pulling electric tools, and it repair is very easy, and available.

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