Insertion Return Loss Tester

Insertion Return Loss Tester
Item: Insertion Return Loss Tester(HK-5S) Product Name: Insertion Return Loss Tester

1. Insertion Return Loss Tester is a latest self-developed Precision Optical Test Equipments. Shenzhen Homk Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd. with great concentration after years of experience of Fiber Optical Passive and Optical test instruments, and learns the advantages home And abroad as well.

2. The Insertion Return Loss Tester is widely used for insertion loss and return Loss test of Optical fiber, Optical passive components, Optical Communications system.

3. The Insertion Return Loss Tester is a ideal tester for manufacturer\scientific Research institution and operator for testing, research and Maintenance.

4. The Insertion Return Loss Tester can achieve Light Source module with Optical Power Meter module's wavelength linkage effectively reduce The steps, you can also set limits on the loss measurement values, different colors show the test data at a glance.

5. The Insertion Return Loss Tester is a basic test instrument applied in the Optical communication system for research, development, production, Maintenance, and an ideal test tool specify for optical components, Optical fiber cables and optical passive device.

Optical Return Loss Tester Technical parameters Specification
Operating wavelength 1310/1550nm
Measurement range 0-75dB
Calibrated wavelength 1310/1550nm
Test accuracy 0.25db
Output stability 0.05dB/hour(@25º C)
Optical type FC/APC
Optical Insertion Loss Test Calibrated wavelength 1310/1550/850nm
Measurement range   +3 to -80dB
Test accuracy 0.25dB
Display resolution non-linear 0.001dB; linear: 0.001nw/uw/mw
Measurement mode linear and non-linear
Connector type interchangeable FC/SC/ST/2.5MM, 1.25MM
Overall Specification Power supply AC100-240V
Operating temperature   -5º C to +55º C
Dimension 260*265*140mm
Weight 3kg

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