Fiber Interferometer

Fiber Interferometer
Item: Fiber Interferometer(DORC) Product Name: Fiber Interferometer

Key Benefits:
The fiber interferometer very small foot print; Does not require an AV table under normal operating conditions; Fiber interferometer is new fixturing - no need to insert reference guide pins manually.

The fiber interferometer aster measurement - typically less than 1 minute from insertion to results when measuring good quality connectors.

This fiber interferometer repeatability and reproducibility improved by a factor of more than 2 - without the AV table.

Measures anywhere between 2-72 fibers in a single scan. Small or large ferrules - with or without housings.

Incorporates DORC's Patented reference guide pin measurement for the most repeatable multifiber angle measurements.

All DORC systems offer our Patented method of getting BOTH inspection and interferometric images;

The fiber interferometer auto focus and auto nulling. No calibrations required

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