Semiautomatic Cable Cutting Machine

Semiautomatic Cable Cutting Machine
Item: Semiautomatic Cable Cutting Machine(HK-08S) Product Name: Semiautomatic Cable Cutting Machine

1. The semiautomatic cable cutting machine send cable fast and adjustable, it has high automation: Auti running for full process from raw cable to final section.

2. Our this semiautomatic cable cutting machine also has high length accuracy: Meter wheel to count length, no length deviation from cable twist, slip during feeding. By high precision measurement of compensation to measure.

3. Free set cable length, and it is very convenient to operate.

4. with electric drive cable machine, cable tray size adjustable. So it has high efficiency, and protect the fiber well.

Dimension 1m*0.5m*0.6m
Cut cable length ≤ 999m.
Cut cable specification Φ 0.9-Φ 4mm
Send cable speed 2m/s.
Length of the error ≤ 3‰
Supply power 350W/AC220V/50Hz

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