NTT Optic Fiber Connector Cleaner

NTT Optic Fiber Connector Cleaner
Item: NTT Optic Fiber Connector Cleaner Product Name: NTT Optic Fiber Connector Cleaner
NTT Optic Fiber Connector Cleaner

NTT-AT NEOCLEAN-EZ cleaner series products is to maintain and ensure the quality of optical fiber connector,which is the most important and indispensable accessories.It can be easy to use and clean optical fiber connector or adapter end face.It belong non-alcoholic clean.

ATC - NE - EZ2 (applicable to SC/ST/FC)
ATC - NE - EZ1 (applicable to LC/MU)
It is a simple alternative clean ink pen type optical Fiber connector end surface cleaning tools, each time by a simple press operation to clear the dirt on the optical fiber connector end
Very quick and convenient optical fiber clean pen,can replace cartridge to repeat use.
more than 400 times using
Antistatic design, ensure connector or adapter is not affected by the secondary pollution of dust
Clean pen, can clean the fiber end face, also can clean various fiber optic adapter
Clean core design alternative, clean reusable, cost savings
The price is reasonable, simple operation, high cost performance

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