Curing Oven

Curing Oven
Item: Curing Oven(HK-MC) Product Name: Curing Oven

Curing oven

The curing oven use technology using PLD, can show time and temperature. This curing oven can curing and heat 36 connectors at one time. The curing oven control temperature and time accurately, quick heating, high efficiency work. This type of curing oven is pretty easy to operate, and this curing oven can reach the command(including time and temperature) of your request.

1. Our this curing oven is easy to use Easy to Use - A Favorite of Many Installers.

2. This curing oven's temperature Control and "Power On" Indicator it is available in 110V or 220V/200-240VAC.

3. The curing oven can heat and solidy MT, MTP, MPO. MTRJ, E2000, FC, ST, SC, SMA, D4 and so on connectors.

4. In particular, the curing oven has high quality and stability. The curing oven was the best selling production in our company.

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