Handheld Fiber Polishing Machine (HK-M)

Handheld Fiber Polishing Machine (HK-M)
Item: Handheld Fiber Polishing Machine(HK-M) Product Name: Handheld Fiber Polishing Machine (HK-M)

Handheld fiber polishing machine HK-M Features:

1 HK-M Handheld fiber polishing machine is Homk 2012 new machine, it also adopt two Janpan mini motors, inside uses bearing drive work(Inside wheel bead in turn), will not wear out other metal parts.

2 HK-M Handheld fiber polishing machine is suitable for small batch polishing, return polishing. Excellent performance, high efficiency and durable polishing machine

3 Handheld fiber polishing machine is very good mobility, a maximum of 6 polishing head. Polishing cycle is very short, inside all components adopt USA PQP metal hardening technology, Surface hardness up to 80 degrees, it is highly wearable.

4 Operation flexibility is high fast processes (just 30S)each kind of connectors(can processing: FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, MTP. MPO, MT, MTRJ, E2000 ect)with high effect, low insert loss and low return loss. Low repair coefficient. The good interchangeability and repeatability.

5 Handheld fiber polishing machine is very suitable for laboratory and engineering construction application and good stability. HK-M has a strong shell packaging, simple design easy to operate. And
Convenient and safe to carry

Handheld fiber polishing machine Parameter
1. Applicable Connectors: FC, SC, ST, MU, LC, E2000, MPO, MTP, MTRJ UPC or APC and so on,
2. Weight: 2.85Kg
3. Dimensions: 100mm L*120mm W*120mm H
4. Power: 12vDC
5. Polishing Time: 0 - 30 sec. (1 piece timer)
6. Polishing Method: Rotation & revolution
7. Motor speed: 100rpm/rotation
8. Power: 15W
9. Polishing capacity: 1-6connectors
10 Voltage: 12VDC
11. Plate size/ Film size: 68mm

Environmental protection, simple design easy to operate.

Pressure way 4 coil spring Insert Loss  0.3 dB (SM)
0.2 dB (MM)
Polishing capacity(max) SC, FC, ST, LC: 6 units Return Loss 50 dB (PC)
60 dB (APC)
Polishing connector type FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, MTP, MPO, MTRJ and so on Radius 10~25mm 
Motor speeed 100rpm rotation, 3.3rpm revolution Offset 50 μ M 
Dimension 120*130*180mm Under cut 50nm 
Film size 68mm Repeatability   0.1dB 
Weight 2.85kgs Interchangeability 0.2 dB 
Input voltage 12vDC Working Situation Temperature   -10— +40º C
polishing cycle 30-60s Heavy punch 500g or 250g 
Polishing chassis diameter 80mm     
Polishing time setting 0-60s    
Counterweight pressure   2.1~3.6kgf/cm     
Time Range 0-60S    
Polishing Time  2 min. (quick assembly type)    
  3-4 min. (standard connectors)    
Pressure Range 0~3kg     
Precession Speed 1rpm    

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