24 Holes Curing Oven

24 Holes Curing Oven
Item: 24 Holes Curing Oven(HK-24K) Product Name: 24 Holes Curing Oven

24 holes curing oven
The 24 holes curing oven use technology using PLD, so 24 holes curing oven control the The temperature accurately, this 24 holes curing oven is small size, 24 holes curing oven is easy to carry, quick heating. This type of 24 holes curing oven is widely used in the house or field operation like outdoor projects and the toolbox, and this 24 holes curing oven can reache the command Of your request.

1. Our this 24 holes curing oven is easy to use Easy to Use - A Favorite of Many Installers.

2. This 24 holes curing oven's temperature Control and "Power On" Indicator it is available in 110V or 220V/200-240VAC.

3. The 24 holes curing oven can heat and solidy FC, ST, SC, SMA, D4 and so on connectors.

4. In particular, the 24 holes curing oven has high quality and stability. The fiber curing oven was the best selling production in our company.

1 Technical parameters Specification
2 Heating Temperature 0-130 degrees
3 Dimensions 180*140*90(Mm)
4 Weight 2kg
5 Input Voltage 100-120VAC/200-240VAC
6 Power Consumption 200W
7 Automatic Yes
8 Making Method of Parison PLD
9 Type Full-Electric Controlled
10 Warm up Time(Apporox)  About 15min
11 Type of production      1.25mm, 2.5mm, SC/FC/ST/LC/MPO/MTRJ all kinds of connectors
12 Capacity   24 connectors

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