Optical Fiber Identification

Optical Fiber Identification
Item: Optical Fiber Identification(Fujikura FID-25R) Product Name: Optical Fiber Identification

Japan Fujikura Ltd. Continued in the world in the field of optical communication products occupy a space for one person in a group of outstanding new product, the FID-25R Optical Fiber Identification using the world's leading technology, small volume, ergonomic requirements, and the function and performance are better than other products of the same type. FID-25R Optical Fiber Identification is mainly applicable to the identification of a single-mode optical fiber in the optical signal ( including normal communication signal and a test signal ), besides it also has the function of optical power meter. FID-25R Optical Fiber Identification super high performance optical detecting head which can recognize a very weak optical signal, and it also has a liquid crystal display function, help you to identify whether the existence of fiber optical signal but also can successfully estimate the optical power in the fiber optic cable, greatly facilitate the construction and maintenance of the optical recognition and power detection application, by the vast majority of engineering and technical personnel in favor of.

Product features:
Long head design for optical fiber clamping
Application of optical fiber type number: 0.25mm UV, 0.9mm tight tube optical fiber coated optical fiber, more than 2mm diameter tube optical fiber and optical fiber ribbon (with 12 core)
Can distinguish light signal direction, and can also be used to estimate the measured optical power of light in
Can identify the traffic signals, CW continuous wave and 270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz common modulation of the audio signal
Small volume and light weight, is convenient to carry

Type FID-25R( band power meter function )
Application of optical fiber Optical fiber type Single mode optical fiber
Fiber type 0.25mm UV coated optical fiber, optical fiber ribbon, 1.1 ~ 2.0mm and 3.0mm diameter pigtail
Optical index Wavelength range 900~1700 nm
Can detect optical signals CW/270/1k/2kHzModulated wave, traffic signal
Test mode The 15 kind
Operating environment - 10 degrees to + 50 degrees C, 0 ~ 95% relative humidity
Save the environment - 10 degrees to + 60 degrees C, 0 ~ 95% relative humidity
Power supply AA batteries ( 1.2 ~ 1.5V ) ( 8 hours)
Option FID-AA2 AC power supply ( 100 ~ 240V )
Size 190L * 40W * 26H ( mm ) / 180g contains the battery

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