HK-800M MPO test system

HK-800M MPO test system
Item: HK-800M MPO test system Product Name: HK-800M MPO test system

Product description:

HK-800M is a high-precision wide-range test equipment independently developed by our company. Mainly to test the MPO / MTP jumper, MPO / MTP-jumper various optical indicators include insertion loss. HK-800M with the computer program will save the test data to the computer, generate customer shipping reports.

Product Features:

1.       Built-in 1310 and 1550 nm, 650 red breakpoint testØ

2.       2. Built-in high-precision low-power return loss testing architecture, detection range of -75dB;Ø

3.        Insertion loss test range 3dBm ~ -75dBmØ

4.       Built-in optical power meter, synchronous wavelength switching;Ø

5.       Small signal measurement (1nW input), the accuracy is less than 0.1dB;Ø

6.       Serial port R232 control, providing serial commands, and can automatically store data;Ø

7.       Can lock and display the maximum and minimum values;Ø

Product specifications:

Electrical Characteristics:

AC power supply: 220VAC 50 ~ 60HZ @ 100mA Max.
Product working temperature: 10
~ 40
Product storage temperature: -5
~ 60

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