HK-400L Handheld End Face Inspector

HK-400L Handheld End Face Inspector
Item: HK-400L Handheld End Face Inspector Product Name: HK-400L Handheld End Face Inspector

HK-400L Handheld End Face Inspector

HK-400L Handheld End Face Inspector is developed by Shenzhen Homk Telecom Tech Co.,Ltd. It can used for enlarging the image by 200 times or 400 times, very cleary judge the situation of Fiber end face, such as scratches and dirt point.


HK-400L fiber end detection system using 3.5-inch 220,000 pixel TFT high-definition LCD, can work continuously more than 8 hours after charge. A full range of adapter interfaces meets the all of needs of fiber end inspection.


1. Longer service life, better image quality

The internal structure of the HK-400L Handheld inspector has been redesigned to provide a longer service life. No matter how bad the use of the environment, the internal optics will not be degraded, the image quality is always good.


2. Use the aviation electrical interface, connection more stable

According to customer feedback to change to the aviation electrical interface, can provide a more stable connection, longer service life. Whether the factory environment or outdoor engineering site, our detector can always guarantee a stable and clear image.



3. New image acquisition card and new image acquisition software

HK-400L uses a new image acquisition card, eliminating the need for driver installation and compatible with more system environment (including Windows 8 and above). The image acquisition software also come out a new version that provides clear images while also introducing intelligent software algorithms to analyze images (optional). At the same time, HK-400L also retains the use of adapter cable output to the desktop display capacity. (Optional adapter cable)



4. a variety of Kinds of product testing function, can detect MT products

HK-400L can match with
a variety of adapter interface, to meet the detection of a variety of fiber optic connectors. optical transceiver module, TOSA & ROSA components etc. products testing requirements. The new MT interface can detect MPO, MTP products, such as MPO, MTP adapters, 40G, 100G optical modules etc. products; can fully meet the next high-density data center maintenance tasks.



Image magnification

400 times or 200 times

Video signal format


Power consumption



3.5" TFT

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


power supply 

Built-in rechargeable 12V battery or external power supply

A power supply working time



Display 205 mm * 94 mm * 25 mm
Ontology is 23 mm * 160 mm



125 um fiber core in 8 inch screen display size

The range of the 8 inch screen

125 um fiber core in 3.5 inch screen display size

In the 3.5 -inch range of observation

In 3.5 the resolution of the screen

KMT700 200

Φ44 mm


Φ20 mm



Easyget 400

Φ58 mm


Φ26 mm




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