Fiber Microscope(HK-400T)

Fiber Microscope(HK-400T)
Item: Fiber Microscope(HK-400T) Product Name: Fiber Microscope(HK-400T)

Product introduction:

Optical fiber end face of the check, is to reduce maintenance cost.

Improve the efficiency of troubleshooting, the key to ensure the transmission quality.

Optical fiber connector end face with invisible to the naked eye of dirt or small particles, are likely to lead to optical signal is blocked, or cause the reflection of fiber damage, even damage the light source, which causes great damage to the whole communication system, therefore, before the fiber optic connectors, fiber optic connectors must be inserted core for inspection and cleaning.

Full series of adapter interface can meet all of the demand of various occasions end face inspection, mainly include: the connector end face, distribution frame, optical model inner adapter ferrule end face, instruments and meters interface.

Main functions:

Uses 3.5 inch TFT high-definition LCD 220000 pixels image magnification 250 times, make it easier for you to determine the condition of the optical fiber end face.

Detectable SC, FC, ST, LC, E2000, MU and so on all PCS and APC fiber connector male head surface and the inside of the adapter female head end.

Center positioning, image in neutral

Can take pictures and video. Convenient archive or distal to send.

3.5 -inch display images can be four times zoon in real time, and ensure that no distortion, resolution remains the same.

SD card digital image storage function, the maximum capacity is 8G, without any additional software, storage, edit can be connected to the computer.

Via USB connect with computer, through the PC display magnified 400 times.

Low power consumption, after charge can work continuously 6 hours.

Technical parameters:

low power consumption,       

Test Handle


400X (9” Monitor); 250x (3.5”Monitor)

Min resolution


Focus mode



Bright field reflex microscopy


180mm x 40mm x 30mm




Display Part


3.5” TFT-LCD, 320 x 240 pixels


170mm x 100mm x 40mm

Weightwith battery):


Power Supply

Replaceable or general input 5v adapter


Rechargeable lithium battery,3.7V / 1450mAh

Battery life

> 6H (continue use)

Image / Video card


Operation Temperature

-20°C to 50°C

Storage Temperature

-30°C to 70°C


Order Accessories List

Standard Accessories

Test handle

x 1

3.5”display part

x 1

Power adapter/Charger

x 1

Rechargeable Batteries

x 1

General 2.5mm PC male head

x 1

General 1.25mm PC male head

x 1

Used for SC/FC/ST/E2000 PC Female head

x 1

Used for LC PC female head

x 1

Adapter box

x 1

User manual

x 1

Portable package

x 1


Option Accessories

General 2.5mm APC male head

General 1.25mm APC male head

Used for SC APC Female head

Used for FC APC Female head

Used for LC APC Female head


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