Semi-Auto Fiber Optic Interferometer HK-PY/S

Semi-Auto Fiber Optic Interferometer HK-PY/S
Item: Semi-Auto Fiber Optic Interferometer HK-PY/S Product Name: Semi-Auto Fiber Optic Interferometer HK-PY/S


HK-PY/S Fiber Connector Optical Interferometer is a high precision instrument developed and manufactured by Homk Telecom Tech 

HK-PY/S Fiber Connector Optical Interferometer is a high precision instrument developed and manufactured by Homk Telecom Tech Co.,Ltd. to measure the end face geometry of optical fiber connectors.
Application: To measure end face of standard fiber optic connectors such as SC/PC, SC/APC, FC/PC, FC/APC, ST, LC/PC, LC/APC, MU/PC connectors with diameter of 1.25mm or 2.5mm
Measurement Parameter: Radius of Curvature (ROC), Fiber Height, Apex Offset, APC Angle and Key Error, etc.
FAST Measurement Speed
HK-PY/S  measurement speed per one connector is around 0.4 second
TWO/THREE TIMES FASTER than the average speed of interferometers.
Imagine the testing work that should take 2-3 days be done within just one day with our instrument!
HIGH Precision Measurement
HK-PY/S has wonderful repeatability and reproducibility. For Apex Offset of PC, the repeatability is ±0.10um and the reproducibility is ±0.70um.
Smart Sense Technology
Wekon develops a smart sense and control unit whichautomatically senses the clamping of a connector and makes a measurement by itself. It improves the measurement efficiency by 15%-20%.
EASE of Use
The most user-friendly and cleanest operation interface EVER! Eye-catching icons, hot key function, and particularly simple operation just make the measurement so easy.
High Quality Parts
90% of the parts critical for high quality such as raw material of chuck, piezoelectric ceramic, etc. are purchased from world-renowned companies to ensure the product quality.
Self-developed Long Life Parts
Special design of the connector clamping switch greatly extends the working life of the chuck and prevents the uncomfortableness of operators’ fingers caused by long time operation.
Self-developed Sophisticated Parts
A tiny stopper unit with sophisticated design is mounted onto the chuck so that there is no need to adjust the focus micrometer before testing another connector, thus improves measurement efficiency.
Calibration Certified by National Authority
The calibration has been certified by The National Institute of Metrology, P. R. China with merely 1nm difference.
PERFECT Anti-vibration and Anti-contamination
The sophisticated mechanical design of HK-PY/S greatly enhances its structural rigidity, allowing the vibration rate of working environment as high as 200Hz. In addition,HK-PY/S can also measure the end face with contamination accurately.
Grinding Suggestion and Eccentricity Reference
HK-PY/S provides detailed grinding suggestion in practical production application, and it also has eccentricity measurement option for your reference.


Excellent After-sales Service
We provide our customers best after-sales service with detailed operation training and prompt resolution for the problems our customers may encounter.
Measurement Parameter
Measurement Range
ROC (mm)
Fiber Height (nm)
Apex Offset (um)
APC Angle (deg)
APC Key Error (deg)


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