HK-9S Insertion Return Loss Tester

HK-9S Insertion Return Loss Tester
Item: HK-9S Insertion Return Loss Tester Product Name: HK-9S Insertion Return Loss Tester

Insertion Return Loss tester

Our HK-9S insertion return loss tester is update from HK-8S:

The insertion return loss tester can show two wavelength on one time, and two wavelengths' insertion loss and return loss all can be show at the same time.

The insertion Return Loss tester has unique insertion loss warning tip

The Insertion Return Loss tester is large colored LCD display

Insertion Return Loss tester is high precision, wide measurement range

Insertion Return Loss tester General
HK-9S insertionn return loss tester is widely applied in the test of Insertion loss and return Loss in fiber optic cable, optical passive components and fiber optic communications system.

The Insertion Return Loss tester unique insertion loss warning setting, different display colors to increase testing efficiency

Linkage of the wavelength of the modes of optical light source and optical power meter, reducing operation procedure
Easy to clean with dismountable design adaptors
Various types of test connector

Optical Return Loss Test Operating Wavelength 1310/1550nm
Measurement Range 0 ~ 75 dB
Calibrated Wavelength 1310/1550nm
Test Accuracy 0.25dB
Output Stability 0.05dB/hour ( @ 25° C)
Optical Interface FC/APC
Optical  Insertion Loss Test Calibrated Wavelength 850/1310/1550nm
Measurement Range +3 ~ -80 dBm
Test Accuracy 0.25dB
Display Resolution Non-linear: 0.001dB; linear: 0.001nw/μ W/mW
Measurement mode Linear and non-linear
Connector type Interchangeable, FC/SC/ST/ φ 2.5mm/universal /φ 1.25mm adapter
  Overall specification   Power Supply AC 100-240V
Operating Temperature -5° C— +55° C
Dimension 390× 350× 240mm
Weight (kg) 4.3

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