Automatic Fiber Heat Stripper for Coating

Automatic Fiber Heat Stripper for Coating
Item: Automatic Fiber Heat Stripper for Coating HK-S32C Product Name: Automatic Fiber Heat Stripper for Coating




1.     1. This model is mainly stripper for fiber coating,0.9mm indoor fiber cable.

2.     This machine used for PLC control system, more precision and speed.

3.     Touch screen, very simple to learning, understand and operation.

4.     Adopt heat stripping method, not damage fiber, can stripper several pcs together, performance very stable, high precision, adjustable length(10mm-20mm).

5.     Every hour stripper quantity between 800pcs-1200pcs.

6.     Adopt move forward and back operation method, model 1 and model 2 can used for different stripping length, replace blade convenience.


II. Instructions for user    



1.    Connect the air inlet to the air source 0.6-0.8MPa

2.    Insert power plug in to 220V 50Hz power socket

3.     Open the boat shape switch and start working, click “Auto”(“Manual interface” only need used when replace stripper knife etc. components )

4.     Move cable in to feeding port, start stripping, repeat the actioin can be repeated cable stripping.

5.     Parameter adjustment

5.1 Adjust the stripping length of cable: model 1,the stripper length initial setting length is 18mm,if need adjust the length, only need revise parameter of “upper location”

, bigger figure mean stripping length longer, small figure mean stripping length shorter(Note “upper location 1” parameter can’t big than “stop location” parameter). After modified parameter, click “origin” can be restored. model 2,the initial setting length is 15mm, the same can be modified according to their needs stripping length(operation step as model 1).


5.2Adjust the  temperature of heat stripping: Only need adjust thermostat up and down key to adjust the heat stripping temperature. 

6.     Consumable replacement:

Stripper cleaver replacement: HK-AS2 uses a special cleaver to stripper the coating layer and 0.9mm outside jacket or ribbon fiber, due to long-term use, the bland will appear wear(normally working life between 6-12 months), when blade not sharp, replace stripper cleaver directly(please connect with supplier, replace the stripper cleaver need according to manufacturers guidance).




1.     Use air pressure:0.6-0.8MPa

2.     Power:220v 50HZ

3.     Weight:20KG

4.     Volume:350x300x450mm

IV. Maintenance Instructions


1.     Pneumatic three-point combination at the air source

2.     Keep clean forever, clean up the waste everyday

3.     Turn off the power and air source after use.


V. Standard accessories

1 set Stripper machine,1pcs power cable,1pcs tray


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