Automatic Fiber Heat Stripper for Jacket

Automatic Fiber Heat Stripper for Jacket
Item: Automatic Fiber Heat Stripper HK-S30J Product Name: Automatic Fiber Heat Stripper for Jacket



1.     This model is mainly stripper for the 2.0mm and 3.0mm indoor fiber cable.

2.     This machine used for PLC control system, more precision and speed.

3.     Touch screen, very simple to learning, understand and operation.

4.     Performance very stable, high precision, adjustable length(25mm-38mm), stripper and cut and cutting very fast.

5.     Every hour stripper, cut, cutting cable quantity between 1200pcs-1800pcs

6.     Used insert directly method to replace traditional foot pedal and hand press method, not only improve the efficiency, but also save physical strength.

7.     Adopt move forward and back operation method, normal indoor 2.0 and 3.0 cable can used by this machine, no need to replace cleaver.

8.     Double cleaver set inside, peeling and cut off aramid at the same time, high precision, stripping quickly, lowing device can remove the aramid residue automatic.


II. Instructions for user 

1.     Connect the air inlet to the air source 0.6-0.8MPa

2.     Insert power plug in to 220V 50Hz power socket

3.     Open the boat shape switch, touch screen will start working, click Auto

4.     Move cable in to feeding port, start stripping, repeat the actioin can be repeated cable stripping.

5.     Parameter adjustment

5.1    Adjust the stripping length of cable: adjust the “sensor switch” components of the two nut to control stripping length, parts move forward mean stripping length shorten, parts move back mean stripping length longer.

5.2    Adjust the cutting length of aramid: adjust “below aramid device” in the lower right corner of the two nut to adjust the length of aramid cutting, device move forward to increase the length of aramind, and move back to shorten length of aramid.

5.3    Adjust the outside jacket opening length: adjust the plastic screw uncover length which front of “open port” device to adjust outside jacket opening length, uncover part long mean opening length more shorten, uncover part short mean opening length more long.

6.     Consumable replacement:

6.1    Aramid scissors replacement: the machine uses aramid scissors to cut the aramid  in the fiber cable, due to the aramid scissors working life have limit(such as Miller KS-1,normally working life between 2-4 months),when the scissors are not sharp, direct replacement the aramid scissors.(“below aramid device” have fixed aramid cutting device removed the plastic handle, cutting previous scissors and replace it ).

6.2    Outside jacket opening cleaver replacement: when the blade not sharp,need replace the blade in the “Open part” device (bland uses 9*0.4 blade).



1.     Use air pressure:0.6-0.8MPa

2.     Power:220v 50HZ

3.     Weight:25KG

4.     Volume:405x415x445mm

IV. Maintenance Instructions

1.     Pneumatic three-point combination at the air source

2.     Keep clean forever, open 2pcs of the front cover to clean up the waste everyday

3.     Turn off the power and air source after use.

V. Standard accessories

1 set Stripper machine,1pcs power cable,1pcs tray,1pcs discharge pipe

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