HK-800SN SM Auto Insertion and Return Loss Tester

HK-800SN SM Auto Insertion and Return Loss Tester
Item: HK-800SN SM Auto Insertion and Return Loss Tester Product Name: HK-800SN SM Auto Insertion and Return Loss Tester
Descriptions: HK800SN series No-mandrel insertion/return loss test station is a Homk newly-developed instrument,which can realize the return loss test of optical devices with no-mandrel method. it is a technological breakthrough and greatly improves the efficiency of RL test of optical devices. Meanwhile,it provides a good solution for RL test of the optical device which cannot be wrapped or in not convenient to be wrapped.

1.Real no-mandrel RL test,no matching gel.

2.Automatic IL&RL test

3.Automated,concurrent dual wavelength IL and RL.

4.Provides different working modes as OPM、IL、RL、 IL、RL、 IL2、 ILRL2.

5.High-precision optical power meter mode,wide measurement range(up to +5dBm~-85dBm).

6.USB interface to support software application.

7.User self-calibration wavelengths,up to 30 items.

8.Extensive menu setting contents,more comprehensive system function.

9.Optical power detection can be low to -85dBm.


Model HK800SN
Optical Power MeterDetection Port
Detector Type InGaAs
Detector Size Φ2.0mm
Wavelength Range +5dBm~-85dBm
Linearity   (+5~-55dBm) 
±0.08dB (-55~-65dBm)
±0.2dB   (-65~-75dBm)
Fiber Type Standard single mode and multimode fiber(core diameter is not more than62.5 μm)
Total Uncertainty ±3%
Total Noise <10pW
Measurement Unit dBm/dB
Light Source PartOutput Port of Light Source
Wavelength 1310nm1550nm
Source Type FP Laser
Output Power > -3 dBm
Optical Connector FC/APC
Return Loss Part(Output Port of Light Source)
Source Type pulsed FP Laser
Measurement Range -10dB ~ -70dB
Measurement Accuracy ± 1dB (-14dB ~ -65dB)
Standard Optical Cable 2 ~ 10 meters
The Shortest Measured Cable Length 2 meters( Endface -APC)⑩3 meters (Endface-PC)
The Longest Measured Cable Length 1000 meters 
Main Body Part  
Power Supply 180V~260V AC 50Hz
Power Settling time 5 ~ 15 mins
Communication Port USB
Operation Temperature 0℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature -15℃~+70℃
Weight 8kg
Dimension 235*380*96(mm)

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