HK-400M fiber microscope

HK-400M fiber microscope
Item: HK-400M fiber microscope Product Name: HK-400M fiber microscope
Descriptions: Fiber microscope 
The fiber microscope is the table model, the fiber microscope used in inspecting the fiber optic connector end surface quality, this fiber microscope has high definition of inspection, fiber microscope is convenient and fast operation, precise and highly effective, the image is clear and bright, saves the time, reduces the cost. And this fiber microscope has strong function of applications, is your end of the optical fiber connectors detection of measuring tool. Ideal through the monitor display optical fiber connectors end of the image, and other fiber microscope, compared with common observation, can be in uniform inspection standard, which is beneficial to the related training and Technical personnel. 

The fiber microscopePrinciple: 
Put the fiber connector into fiber microscope adapter, LED light will directly Irradiate fiber and ceramic ends, through the optical amplifier, the working life is long, the internal LED illumination light bulb life for 100000 hours, the interior does not have the user to be possible to service the part. Security laser, in sets at the CCD camera(not human eye) watches the optical fiber end surface, even if inspects is transmitting the laser optical fiber end surface, also does not have the security problem transfer Images to CCD, CCD image amplifier, video signals, and turn to transmission to the corresponding monitors, on the monitors can get, CCD camera, including monitoring device. 

The fiber microscope suits the scope to be broad, basically may inspect any fiber optic connector. 
And it can offer pre-centralized positioning, the core image always demonstrates in the central position. Fiber microscope is human body engineering design, suits specially in the fiber optic connector manufacturer.

The fiber microscope detial instruction: 
1. POWER switch / indicator 
When the fiber microscope power switch is turned on, the indicator lights; When fiber microscope power switch is turned off, the indicator goes off. 
2. CONTRAST Control 
The fiber microscope provides the proper contrast between the black and white portions of picture. 
3. BRIGHTNESS Control 
Determines the brightness of the picture and is adjusted in conjunction with the CONTRAST Control. 
4. V-HOLD Control 
When the picture roles up and down on the screen, adjust the V-HOLD Control until there is a single steady picture. 
5. H-HOLD Control 
When the picture has slanting horizontal bars, rotate the H-HOLD Control in either direction until a stationary picture is obtained. 
6. VIDEO IN Connector 
Connect to the video out of a camera or another monitor (For multiple connection), or a VCR 
7. VIDEO OUT Connector 
Connect the video input of another monitor or a VCR. 
8. IMPEDANCE Switch 
Set the 75 OHM position when only one monitor is used, or is used in the last one monitor of multiple connection. The other monitors should be set to HIGH position when connected to the VIDEO OUT connector. 
9. Power source input: AC 200V/240V 
10. The head- face detector including one magnifier and one monitor. 
400x, 200x, and 80x can be selected by this fiber microscope. Equipment with 2.5mm and 1.25mm adapter, MTRJ, and MT can be optional. Simple, economical and practical. Video display, clear image. 
11. This kind of fiber microscope has a good perfermance at good quality, all specifications according to international standard.
Interface   FC, SC, LC/PCE2000, MTRJ, MPO
Magnification  80x        200x      400x
Display Device  9 B& W display
Input Voltage   12V
Storage Temp.   -20— +60 degrees
  Net weights   1.4 kg
Dimension 117mm x 79mm x 79mm

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