Optical Fault Locator

Optical Fault Locator
Item: Optical Fault Locator(HK-30H) Product Name: Optical Fault Locator

Optic Fault Locator
We use DFB-LD as the emitting component of the optic fault locator HK-30H series red laser indicator. Optic fault locator driven by constant current source, the indicator can emit stable red laser. The optic fault locator can be used to inspect fiber failure when they connect with optical interface and be inserted into single mode or multi mode optical fiber. Optic fault locator is indispensable tool in fiber project constructing, fiber net-work maintaining, optical component manufacture and research.

Optic Fault Locator Features:
1) MQW LD optical source
2) Operating mode: CW and MOD
3) FC, SC, ST general interface, can use FC-LC adapter
4) Long inspection distance
5) Steady power output
6) Nano technology, multi-ply ESD protection
7) Sturdy and durable shell
8) Pen pattern design, convenient for use and carry
1) Locate the fiber failure, such as fracture and bend
2) Failure inspection in OTDR blind zone
3) Fiber recognition from head face to end face
4) Mechanical transition point optimization
1) Telecom, CATV project
2) PDS construction and maintenance
3) Optical component manufacture and research
4) Other fiber project

Type HK-30H
Central Wavelength 650 + 10nm
Fiber mode SM or MM
Optical Connector 2.5mmuniversal connector(FC/SC/ST), for 1.25mm connectors, FC-LC adapter can be provided on customer requests
Inspection distance 5 Km/8 Km/10 Km/15 Km/20  Km/25 Km/30 Km
Working time of batteries More than 20h
Application life More than 3 years
Electrical source Two 1.5V batteries
Material of shell Cu-alloy or stainless steel
Operating temperature -10-+60º C
Storage temperature -40-+85º C
Dimension Ø 24× 180mm
Weight About 160g/180g(without batteries)

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