Glue Dispenser

Glue Dispenser
Item: Glue Dispenser(HK-G98X ) Product Name: Glue Dispenser

Glue dispenser
The glue dispenser with time control, to push the liquid.
Penumatically, the glue dispenser controlled by timer, to be sure the same dispensing drops and dispensing cycle time, regulated.
The air pressure with suitable tip at the glue dispenser of the different.
Liquids as glues, greases, solder plasma. Glue dispenser will be applied for 10 types of steel tips and 5 types of plastic tips for
Various customers' needs.

Glue dispenser instruction:
1. Power switch: Turns unit on and off. Indicate "ON"position.
2. Air pressure regulator/gauge: Controls and indicates air pressure to the dispense circuit(the handle of regulator shuld be pulled out to adjust).
3. Mode switch: Places the dispense circuit in automatic or manual shot mode.
4. Timer control: Adjust the glue dispenser is shot of the auto dispense mode.
5. Vacuum control: Adjust the glue dispenser intensity of "suck back"vacuumapplied to the dispense circuit.
6. Dispense outlet: Provide a quick connect receptacle for dispense air circuit.
7. Socket of foot-switch: Activates the glue dispenser dispense circuit.
8. Air-in tube: Glue di has high-pressured air input.
9. Dispensing control: Four grades for the dispensing cycle time.

  Technical data  
Timer  Programmable 0.01-1S; 0.1-10s
  0.2-20S; 0.3-30S
Cycle initiation Maintained or momentary  
Repeat tolerance ± 0.5%  
Size 235*225*63mm  
Weight 2.2kg  
Voltage input 220-240V 50Hz AC  
Internal voltage 24V  DC  
Minimun Deposit 0.01ml  
Air input 2.5-7bar(35-100psi)  
Air output 0.1-5.5 bar(1-78psi)  

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