USA RUHR TI-200 E1/Power Meter Tester

USA RUHR TI-200 E1/Power Meter Tester
Item: USA RUHR TI-200 E1/Power Meter Tester Product Name: USA RUHR TI-200 E1/Power Meter Tester

TI-200 is a hand-held tester which sets E1, IP Ping (HDLC / PPP / Frame Relay Protocol) and optical power meter in one, can provide quality error of assessing of network comprehensively, alarm and upper business layer testing. Using intelligent or advanced mode of operation,  displaying of statistical results directly, for the engineering and maintenance personnel on-site installation, testing and maintenance, saving a lot of time.

Product Feature:                                                                                       

  •   Hand-held 3.5-inch color touch screen, Chinese display
  •  Online, non-online business testing
  •  Non-framing, framing services (PCM-30, PCM-30C, PCM-31, PCM-31C)
  •  2.048 Mbps (N x 64 kbps, N = 1 to 31) rate transmission / reception
  • Supports IP Ping of E1 (HDLC / PPP / Frame Relay)
  •  It provides E1 self-loop IP Ping function test
  • BERT Error characteristics test (G.821, G.826, M.2100 / 550)
  •  Alarm generation / error insertion test
  •  Automatically detects the destination IP address
  • Fully automatic and advanced operating modes
  • Result Data store / print function

Performance Figure

BNC ConnectorE1 Test Function

Power Meter FC/SC Connector

 StatusWarning Instruction  

 E1 Portion  

Test Rate2.048MbpsN (Continuation) M (Discontinuation) x64Kbps(N&M=1 to 31) InsertTake out N or Mx 64kbps

Line CodeHDB3&AMI

Picture FormatUnframedPCM-30PCM-30cPCM-31PCM-31C,conform to ITU-T G.704

 Pattern Generator 

PRBS:2n-1, n=9, 11,15, 20, 23,comform to ITU-T 0.151  0.152, 0.153

Transmitting End  

Internal Clock2.048MHz±5ppmReception:Closing the Signal

          Line CodeHDB3 and AMI

Impulse WaveformConform to ITU-T G.703, 75ΩUnbalabcex2.37Vbn

Error InsertBITCODEBIT+CODE; Single or 1x10-1 to 1x10-7 speed

 Receiving End  

Frequency Range2.048Mbps±8000bps

Input Sensitivity0 to -43dB

Return and Loss Performance:ITU-T G.703;Jitter Tolerance

Conform to ITU-T G.823


E1 Receive Frequency Measurement (Hz and ppm) and Receive Signal Level

Code/BPV Error (Error Counter and Rate) Framing Error (FASMFAS and CRC-4 Error Counter and Rate)LOSSync LossLOFAISFAS RAI and MFAS Seconds Counter

G.821 AnalysisG.826M.2100/ 550 Measure E-bit Error Counter and Rate

IP Ping E1Function  

Support on E1 Link IP PING test

Support the PPPHDLCframe relay routing protocol

Support from the ring on E1 link in IP PING test contact, receiving ,error packets,packet loss and packet loss rate statistics

Set the length 0 to 1500 bytes

The largest number of contract999999999 pcs

 Optical Power Meter  

The Wavelength850nm/1300/1310/1550/1625nm

The InterfaceFC/SC/ST  LCOptinal

The Test Range+26 -50dBm or +10~ -70dBm

The Probe TyprInGaAs

The Precision±0.01dB

General Features

        Can store 500 test results

High resolution 3.5 inch color LCD Display,with LED backlight

Internal battery: Smart lithium batter 3200 MA, 12.6V  

Battery operating time:6 hours;Charging time:5 hours

Charge:12.6V@2A,90 to 265VAC,50-60Hz

 The Enviroment

Operating Temperature: 0 to 50

Storage Temperature: 20 to +70

The Temperature: 5% to 90% confensation

Size: 180mmx90mmx40mm

Weight: 0.4kg

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