AV6473 Handheld Fiber Fusion Splicer

AV6473 Handheld Fiber Fusion Splicer
Item: AV6473 Handheld Fiber Fusion Splicer Product Name: AV6473 Handheld Fiber Fusion Splicer

AV6473 FTTH Fusion Splicer is a new designed fiber splicing equipment.The powerful funtcion and super low splicing loss make it be competent for construction of trunk line and FTTX :Because of the compact configuration and precise mechanism,it can adapt  to execrable enviroment; The novel fiber imaging system make the image clearer and exquisiter;The real-time embeded OS provide friendly man-machine interface and abundant functions. The bulit-in large capacity Li-Ion battery can support long-time fieldwork.The embeded sensors measured temperature, humidity and air pressure supply closed-loop feedback control ,so the instrument can adopt all kinds  of atrocious circumstance and the consistency of splicing loss was improved.




  • new-designed and digital fusion splicer and automaticsmall size, light weight, only 2.8kg with battery
  • high efficiency, 8 sec. splice time,30 heat time
  • automatic heating when shut down heating cover
  • automatic splicing when shut down windscreen
  • digital high-definition 5.7 LCD screen for displaying more perfect
  • Single X or Y view simultaneously, optical magnification of 304 times
  • discharge calibration system , generally do not to adjust parameter
  • long electrode life, discharge up to 4000
  • provide USB and VGA ports
  • accurate and real time appearance of dump energy of battery
  • built-in high capacity of lithium battery
  • be able to heat 200 times without stop





Fiber cleaved length


Fiber diameter

Cladding diameter: 80-150um; coating diameter: 100-1000um

Oprate mode

Automatic ,semi-automatic ,manual

Fiber aligning method

Advanced PAS alignment mode

Average Splice Loss  

0.02dB (SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04dB (NZDS)

Typical splicing time

9 second with standard SM fiber

Return loss


Fusion program

12 (templet), 188 (user)

Tube typical heating time

30 second

Protection sleeve length

60mm, 40mm

Storage of splice result

5000 results, 3 parameter per result

Tension test


Fiber magnification

Vertical dual display, 304 times magnification; level of dual display, 152 times magnification

Electrode life


No. of splice/ heating with battery

Typical 130 cycles

External interface

provide USB and VGA ports

Display screen

5.7 inch 640*480 color LCD monitor

Power Supply

Built-in lithium battery 11.1V; external adapter, input: AC100-240V, output: DC13.5V/4.5A

Heat shrinkable tube

60mm,40mm and other series of tube

Operating condition

0-5000m above seal level, -10~50ºC, max wind velocity of 15m/s




2.8KG including battery


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