LX.5/UPC SM Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Product description

Fiber Optic Pigtail is used to interconnect Transmission equipment to the Fiber optic patch panel.

The Pigtail made by SAILING supports longer distance with lower loss for gigabit Ethernet, 
fiber channel
and internet protocol applications. It is Specifically designed for use with today's narrower aperture components.


1. Insertion loss:(Single-mode)PC≤0.3dB,UPC≤0.2dB APC≤0.2dB (Multi- mode):PC≤0.2dB

2. Return loss:PC≥45dB,UPC≥50dB APC≥65dB

3. Durability(1000times):≤0.2dB

4. Temperature range:-40 --- +80

Performance Advantages

1. Compliance with the standard of IEC and YD-T826/1996

2. High return loss and Low insertion loss

3. Good reliability& stability

4. Three types:PC/UPC/APC

5. Simplex and Duplex cable

6. Cable diameter:Φ0.9/Φ2/Φ3


1. Telecommunication Networks

2. Test Equipment

3. Local Area Network


Technology parameter

LX.5/UPC SM Fiber Optic Patch Cord
Item: LX.5/UPC SM Fiber Optic Patch Cord Product Name: LX.5/UPC SM Fiber Optic Patch Cord


Single-model UPC

Single-model APC

Multi-model PC

Insert loss (dB)


Max insert loss(dB)




Return loss (dB)




Operating temperature

-20-+60 centigrade

Storage temperature

-40-+85 centigrade

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