Preformed Tension Clamp For ADSS Cable

Preformed Tension Clamp For ADSS Cable
Item: Preformed Tension Clamp For ADSS Cable Product Name: Preformed Tension Clamp For ADSS Cable
Descriptions: Application :

    Tension Clamps are designed to connect ADSS cables and poles/towers . Armor rods can provide protection and cushioning to the ADSS cables. The special design of Preformed rods makes ensure that Tension Clamps can’t cause undue stress to the ADSS cables, so as to ensure the normal lifetime of cables system.


Structure and Raw Material:
Shackle--Hot dip galvanized steel. Shackle is connected with Reinforcing Pole units.
Twisted Chain Link--Hot dip galvanized steel. Twisted Chain Link is intended for connecting Shackle and Thimble.
Thimble---Hot dip galvanized cast steel. Thimble is plugged in shackle of Tension Clamp for protection and connection.
Armor Rods----- Aluminum clad steel wire. Armor Rods increase friction with a layer of particle emery inside to cables. Rods are assembled into four subsets in workshop which reduce misalignment errors and speeds installation. The ends are bent outward to provide stress relief at the critical cable departure areas.
Preformed Dead End -- Preformed Dead End are made of hot dip galvanized steel wire or aluminum clad steel wire, it is assembled into one subset with a layer of firm emery inside in workshop for increasing grip strength of Tension Clamps while decreasing side pressure.

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