8 Core Terminal Box White

8 Core Terminal Box White
Item: 8 Core Terminal Box White Product Name: 8 Core Terminal Box White
Descriptions: Suitable for FTTX project of high rise building,achieve through connection and branch 
between distribution cable and customer cable in corridor.


1. Suitable for wall mounted in siloof building corridor 
 2.Small size,light weight,high capacity,easy to splice and installation 
 3.Support through connection style 
 4.Preinstalled one pc of 24 fibers splice tray exclusively for FTTH drop cable 
 5.Suitable for connection one distribution cable with 24 pcs customer FTTH drop cables 
 6.Mechanical splice or fusion splice 
 7.Working Temp : -20°C~+65°C ;
 8.Storage Temp : -25°C~+55°C
 9.Relative humidity : ≤93%(+40°C)
 10.Atmosphere pressure : 76kpa~106kpa(0m~5000m)

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