Automatic Cable Cutting Machine (HK-43K)

Automatic Cable Cutting Machine (HK-43K)
Item: Automatic Cable Cutting Machine (HK-43K) Product Name: Automatic Cable Cutting Machine (HK-43K)

HK-43K Automatic cable cutting machine
HK-43K is touched screen automatic cable cutting machine, it has great stable and precise quality to be popular with most customer. Homk touch screen series automatic cable cutting machine is special equipment used for fiber cable length measurement, cutting counting, winding. You can set length, speed, and quantity freely. Automatic cable cutting machine can be different specifications of the cable cut and winding the length and into annular shape. The automatic cable cutting machine has length accurate, cut and winding integration, automation advantages.

The automatic cable cutting machine is specialized for production and design of a standard special equipment, range of application: Fiber cable of ø 0.9 to ø 7 (including armoured and FTTH cable).

The automatic cable cutting machine adopts color man-machine Sino-British operating system, comprehensive advantages similar products at home and abroad, automatic cable cutting machine adds a set of data to feedback automatic processing function, cutting cable length precision rises greatly, with automatic accept cable, automatic cut and cable protection, automatic cable cutting machine as well as functions such as middle suspended, Length and speed Settings flexibility, high production efficiency.
For more, if your cable size is big. You can add one our receiving cable machine, it can save more time to pack cable.

Length Resolution below ± 2mm+L0.003
Feed Speed 1.5m/S Max of High-Speed Shift
Power 1700w
Input Voltage 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Max Length 999m
  Air pressure ≥ 0.5
Cable Specification Diameter2.0/Diameter3/Diameter7mm
  Net weights 150kg
Dimension L2000*W1000*H1200mm

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