100X 200X 400X Fiber Microscope (HK-HFM2)

100X 200X 400X Fiber Microscope (HK-HFM2)
Item: 100X 200X 400X Fiber Microscope (HK-HFM2) Product Name: 100X 200X 400X Fiber Microscope (HK-HFM2)

Optic fiber Microscope


  1. The optic fiber inspector with the motor be one machine, user-friendly instruments installed in the operation when opening, the end face detector carrying convenient transportation safety.

2. The optic fiber inspector using the global leading technology LED screen, more better the traditional CRT display, the end face detector image display smooth without flashing, resistance to visual fatigue

3. it choose feeling type adjustment button and watch the finely adjusted image, display the best effect
4. When you working, can choose smooth inspect drawings or look up 15 ° Looking at the image

5. The optic fiber inspector giving DC12V AC/DC amphibious, equipped with the lithium electricity can charge function, LED screen to display power, charging type host is convenient for field operation, the test results is same indoor, very professional production workshop inspection standard.

6. Select + function keys, micro scientific evaluation test image center effect. This function is especially suitable for the eyes optical fiber (a panda optical fiber) face of detection

7. The user choose image magnification, ordinary optical fiber and 64, 128 core for detection. And BOSA, ROSA, TOSA etc all without damage standards.

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