Automatic Touched Screen Fiber Polishing Machine

Automatic Touched Screen Fiber Polishing Machine
Item: Touched Screen Fiber Polishing Macine(HK-20V) Product Name: Automatic Touched Screen Fiber Polishing Machine

Automatic fiber polishing machine
HK-20V automatic fiber polishing machine using industrial microcomputer development. Automatic fiber polishing machine can set motor speed, timing, counting, improve the whole. The stability of automatic fiber polishing machine. The automatic fiber polishing machine adopted advanced technology, the key of increasing machine and waterproof properties.

The automatic fiber polishing machine has 8 groups process programming, including: Grinding time programming, increasing number of programming time programming. LCD blue backlight shows.

1, Compatibility of other automatic fiber polishing machines when we designed this automatic fiber polishing machine, taken full account of the consumables (abrasive film), Jig & Fixture used currently the most widely used 127mm and corner positioning, compression work. Fixture can be with other manufacturers equipment exchange, and do not make any adjustments.

2, Automatic fiber polishing machine applies to a wide range of equipment, with no need of any external equipment, an area of less stable production. As long as necessary in accordance with the replacement of fixtures, automatic fiber polishing machine can produce different types of connectors, automatic fiber polishing machine suitable for production and scientific research trial orders.

The automatic fiber polishing machine is versatile and be efficient and fast produced all kinds of standard fiber optic connectors type with dedicated fixture: FC / PC FC / APC SC / PC SC / APC ST / PC ST / APC LC / MU MT-RJ 8 deg. Or 0 deg MPO MPX MTP, E2000, D4 etc BD. In addition, the automatic fiber polishing machine is able to Polish SM, MM and PM optical fiber connectors and other specialized types.

2.2. Basic function
A: Working voltage
The fiber Polishing machine to work AC220V voltage.
B: Stepless speed
Button control functions, speed range: 10n/m ~ 100n/m.
C: Process programming
It can undertake 8 groups, including: Process programming of grinding time, several
Programming, programming adding time of programming.
D: Automatic counting
Each time you press the start button, then automatically add 1 counter
E: Automatic shutdown
5 minutes without operation, automatic shutdown.
F: Sound function
When the button "BB" sound, At the end of the process, "a" BB.
G: Positive &negative function
Can be positive &negative Settings.
H: Memory function
All data: Speed setting, grinding process, and count are used EPROM memory, whenthe power is cut off, and the data will not is lost.
I: Buffer
Buffer to protect machines, protect polishing film.

Pressure way 4 coil spring Insert Loss  0.3 dB (SM)
0.2 dB (MM)
Polishing capacity(max) SC, FC, ST: 20, 48 units LC: 24, 48units Return Loss 50 dB (PC)
60 dB (APC)
Polishing connector type FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, MTP, MPO, MTRJ and so on Radius 10~25mm 
Motor speeed 80-150rpm/min Offset 50 μ M 
Dimension 326L *216W* 420H Under cut 50nm 
Film size 5' ' Repeatability   0.1dB 
Weight 36KG Interchangeability 0.2 dB 
Input voltage 100-120VAC, 50/60Hz or 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz Working Situation Temperature   -10— +40º C
polishing cycle 3.0min Heavy punch 500g or 250g 
Polishing chassis diameter 130mm    
Polishing time setting 0-300seonds    
Counterweight pressure   2.1~3.6kgf/cm     
Speed Range 0-280rpm/min    
Polishing Time  4min    
Pressure Range 0-5kg

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