MPO Fiber Optic Patch Panel

MPO Fiber Optic Patch Panel
Item: MPO Fiber Optic Patch Panel Product Name: MPO Fiber Optic Patch Panel
Descriptions: Fiber optic panel is a user end product to realize optical fiber to desktop solution.
It can be used in home or working area to accomplish double-core fiber access and port output.
Fiber optic panel Used in the end termination of residential buildings and villas, to fix and splice with pigtails.
1.reasonable inner space design
2.suitable bending radius
3.protect optical fiber
4.realize FTTD(fiber to the desktop)system
5.Package Weight: 0.3g
Performance index:
-small size, light weight, pleasing in appearance
-wall mounted with mechanical protection function
-max fiber capacity 4-16 fibers,4-16 adapter output
-coordinating with FC strip-type optical adapter, it generates more options in term of fiber interfaces for users.
-hinge and convenient press-pull button lock design greatly reduced installation strength
-very thin and matches with other A86 panels in homes and also meet the open or concealed cabling for optical cables
Used in FTTH indoor application, home or work area
Provide users with optical access or data access

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