NTT NEOCLEAN-M for MPO connector

NTT NEOCLEAN-M  for MPO connector
Item: NTT NEOCLEAN-M for MPO connector Product Name: NTT NEOCLEAN-M for MPO connector

Instantly clean MPO connectors with a simple push

Many troubles in optical communications equipment are caused by contamination on the optical connector end face.
NEOCLEAN-M, the MPO/MTP connector cleaner, employs microfibers designed specifically for optical connectors to remove even the smallest contamination not visible to the naked eye. Please take advantage of the improvements you will receive in optical construction working efficiency and in communication services reliability.


One-push operation with no special skills required

The specially designed microfibers remove contaminants by an easy push operation without damaging the delicate optical fiber core.

Compact design with workability in mind

Brings you the possibility of over 600 cleanings in a very portable compact design that excels in workability.

Compatibility for both plugs and adaptors in one unit

In addition of optical port adaptors, attaching the cap (included) allows you to also easily clean plugs too.

Complies with RoHS Directives

Product Name NEOCLEAN-M
Model ATC-NE-M1
MPO connector MTP® connector
End Face
Flat and 8 degree slant (compatible with or without guide pins)
Size (mm) Main Body:197L×15W×51H With Cap Attached:208L×17W×51H
Standard Usages Over 600 times

Cleaning Performance

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